Yuki Nozaki

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A lecturer of psychology at the Konan university, Japan

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Emotional Intelligence / Emotional Competence

  The regulation and understanding of one’s own and others’ emotions is pivotal to social interaction. However, there are individual differences in competence with respect to understanding and regulating one’s own and others’ emotions appropriately. This individual difference is conceptualized as emotional intelligence (EI) or emotional competence (EC).

  My research investigates social function of emotional intelligence / emotional competence. By using experimental paradigm, I investigates how emotionally competent individuals behave when an interpersonal conflict happenes.

Extrinsic Emotion Regulation

  To date, most emotion regulation studies have focused on intrinsic emotion regulation (regulating one's own emotions). However, individuals also regulate others emotions (extrinsic emotion regulation) such as cheering up a sad person. I conduct surveys and experiments to reveal psychological mechanism underlying effective extrinsic emotion regulation.


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