Yuki Nozaki

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Associate Professor of Psychology at Konan University, Japan

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Books in English

  • Nozaki, Y. & Koyasu, M. (2018). Emotional competence. In M. A. Henning, C. U. Kr├Ągeloh, R. Dryer, F. Moir, R. Billington & A. G. Hill (Eds.). Well-being in higher education: Cultivating a healthy lifestyle among faculty and student. (pp. 30-43). New York, NY: Routledge.
  • Nozaki, Y. (2015). Emotional intelligence and ostracism. In S. Raz & L. Zysberg (Eds.), Emotional intelligence: Current evidence from psychophysiological, educational and organizational perspectives (pp. 119-130). New York: Nova Science Publishers.


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